Heidi & Henna: The house is already on fire

Heidi Hänninen & Henna Laininen:


@ Exhibition Laboratory

6.8.2015 6:00 pm. – 7.8.2015 8:40 am.

tent, discussion (2 h 2 min), banderol


“To paint or not to paint when the house is already on fire?”

That’s what we had been thinking already for a long time. We wanted to challenge the gallery space as an established stage for art. We had a shared will to walk away, to do something with people outside the gallery. How could we bring the “real” life, present and seen outside of galleries and artist’s studios, to our process?

Our first face-to-face meeting happened in a café in the center of Helsinki. We had a long discussion about art, life and death. Heidi had decided to participate in a wide scale demonstration against our new government 22.8. in Helsinki. Henna had decided to get ready for the society´s collapse by learning skills of a more sustainable life together with other activists. We decided to take part in the demonstration together. But first we should decide what to paint to our banderol.

We camped over night in the gallery and discussed about the banderol. And what is more important, about the reasons why we wanted to walk away.

Our banderol is taking part in the demonstration against government´s cutting policy. More information about the demonstration: http://joukkovoima.blogspot.fi. Some current and former students of Finnish Academy Of Fine Arts are organizing an own anarchist block for the demonstration representing the artist labour. Every artist worrying about our future is welcome to join the block in the march! You can consider it as a part of art or life, as you wish. The most significant thing is, that you are present and you do something what is still To Be Done.

“Let’s put out the fire together, so we could maybe still paint in the future.”




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